When Your Dream Finds You

Posted By: Randyll Butler
Posted On: August 17th, 2016

            When you feel as if you didn’t pick your dream, but your dream picked you; that's when you know you have truly been blessed. Being selected as a Victory Scholar all started when my college Athletic Director, Victoria Chung, introduced me to the program. I will never forget the day she sent me an email to check out a program she thought was right up my alley. To my surprise (but not really) she was 110% accurate! Firstly, from a very early age, I’ve always known that I wanted to be involved in working with children. Secondly, a goal as a wee lad, has always been to play basketball internationally. Additionally, broadening my education across cultures benefits my aspirations to personal growth and becoming a young scholar. All three of these factors: engaging with the youth, continuing the sport I love, and gaining a masters, are all values of Sport Changes Life. It was the perfect package; the package that not only fell into line with everything I wanted to do next in life, but also the package that came with compassion, integrity, family, appreciation, and heart.

            My utmost gratitude goes to my family, Victoria Chung, the staff of athletics at Colgate University, the Patriot League, the Rory Foundation, and Sport Changes Life because they brought my dream to me. It’s always the simple things that change our lives, like getting a quick email from someone who believes in you or an acceptance letter saying, “Welcome to the Sport Changes Life Family!” Being a Victory Scholar will push me to continue and to never stop exploring and learning. If there is a way to inspire lifelong learning, the advancement of knowledge and care, and the strengthening of the word community, I am beyond happy to be apart of it. Being a Victory Scholar offers me the opportunity to experience moments with people that I will be able to teach. More importantly, it offers me a chance to experience moments with people whom will be able to teach me in return.