Posted By: Sarah Fairbanks
Posted On: September 28th, 2016
Attending: DCU

So much is going on! I am currently in five different group projects for class and don’t have one free weeknight. Yikes!!!! Still loving it though and still learning something every day. I’ll manage somehow! I also just booked my flight home for Christmas which I’m super jazzed about!!! I can’t wait to see my family, my Saint Joe’s lads, and my best friends. I’m so excited. BUT I am totally enjoying my time here in Ireland.

I also just started playing for the school basketball team here, which is very different from my club team. It is not as demanding or competitive, and anyone that is a student here at DCU can tryout. I was asked to coach the Fresher’s squad, which is kind of like the school’s JV team (for all you Americans reading this). That will be fun because it’s only an hour of practice per week and we conclude with a Fresher’s tournament at the end of November. All the while I will be practicing my coaching skills, which I’m happy about.

As far as our club team, DCU Mercy, we won this past Sunday! Woohoo! Jasmine and I played our fellow Victory Scholar Maddi Ward and her team, which was fun. Even scholar Emma O’Conner and former scholar Jazmen Boone came to watch. Shout-out to you guys. #scholarssticktogether.

We have a reading week here at DCU, which will be in a week a half. No classes are held, which I’ll definitely need in order to catch up on some work! Jasmine and I also might take a quick trip to London during this time, in between practices and coaching, of course. I think we will have more time to explore Ireland and the rest of the world in the spring when basketball is over. For right now, I need to keep track of my schedule (or, as the Irish pronounce it, “shed-ule”), get my work done, coach, ball, eat, sleep, and learn. Easy enough, right? Prayers are welcome.  


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