Coach Sarah

Posted By: Sarah Fairbanks
Posted On: September 20th, 2016
Attending: DCU

Things are starting to pile up here at DCU, so hopefully all goes well! Clubs and societies are big here, and I signed up for three. I joined hiking, Christian Union, and Health & Science. I already know I won’t have much time with some of these clubs due to duties with Sport Changes Life, but I figured I’ll go to what I can. The master’s course I’m in also encourages us to join extracurricular activities such as these. They are considered “Personal Opportunities for Development” a.k.a. “PODS”, which are part of our Next Generation Management module (so fancy, I know).

            I also just got back from my first night of coaching a club team! Woo-hoo! I was totally nervous and praying that I wouldn’t look TOO obvious that it was my first time (because it was). Sure, I’ve coached kids and high schoolers before in clinics, camps, and in one-on-one sessions, but I was always with my team or helping a head coach. Tonight, it was just me and the six girls in the gym. It was definitely a strange feeling being on the coaching side. I even tucked my folded practice schedule in the back of my pants while coaching just like CG herself (Cindy Griffin, my head coach at Saint Joe’s). It definitely makes me laugh a little bit… It went well though and I’m excited to get better at coaching. I might be a nervous wreck when it comes to games, though. No pressure!

            I also played my very first overseas game this past weekend! It was definitely a surreal feeling. It was always one of my dreams to continue playing basketball after college, and here I am doing it. So thankful. The only problem was that I missed wayyyyy too many lay-ups and free throws (to all my former coaches—SORRY). Hopefully I’ll get my groove back. In due time, I think!


Irish Vocab Lesson #3


Timetable = Schedule

Grand = Okay

Practice = Training

How you getting on? = How are you?

Accommodation = Housing

Module = Class/course

Match = Game

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