Down to Dublin

Posted By: Jessica Porter
Posted On: September 3rd, 2016
Attending: Trinity College Dublin

After a fun week of training in Northern Ireland, Kelsey and I arrived at Trinity College Dublin. I am so excited to start my Masters program in marketing and explore this amazing city. When I first set foot on Trinity’s campus, I felt like I was in a castle! I knew it was going to be beautiful, but being here is another story! I feel like I’m walking through years of amazing history. Can’t wait to learn more!

Before school and coaching starts, Kelsey and I had several days to get to know the city. A past Victory Scholar, Shelby Smith, who is on my Meteors Club team recommended that we take a hike at Bray Head Mountain. Anxious to grasp any opportunity to explore, Kelsey and I took the train to Bray. Let me tell you, Shelby was right! It was such an amazing adventure. The trail ran right along the water. We were able to get a bit of a workout while we experienced another beautiful wonder of Ireland!

As for basketball, right when I arrived in Dublin I was able to start training with my club team! It is so nice to have a fun and caring support system and group of friends right off the bat! There are some great players and amazing teammates who I’m so excited to get to know! I’m starting to learn their vernacular, such as “boots” instead of “sneakers” and “training” instead of “practice”! Their new phrases are already starting to stick! One thing we all undoubtedly have in common is our love of playing basketball. It’s going to be a great year!

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