Posted By: Kelsey Ellis
Posted On: September 9th, 2016
Attending: Trinity College Dublin

Before I left America, I had several concerned friends ask me what I would do about food. “Don’t they just eat beef and potatoes and carrots?” “I hope you like fish and chips, because you won’t find anything else.” “Your mama’s gonna be sending you food every week.” Lies! All of them are foolish because I’ve never seen so much delectable looking food in my life. How can anyone expect me to stay fit for basketball when every cafe shines like a beacon of high-caloric goodness in a world full of darkness!? Since moving to Dublin, I’ve had the best brownie, scone, and sandwich that I’ve ever tasted. (Although, I will admit, I find it super weird that they put butter on sandwiches here… Butter and mayonnaise. It’s too much.) I can only dream of what I’ll try next! Some girls daydream about their wedding or shoes or makeup or other cliché things that I can’t think of… But I daydream of food. Big food, little food. One food two food, red food blue food.


Fear not, Mom and Dad, I’m still managing to eat relatively healthy… I’ve decided to try one new thing per week. That way I won’t become obese but I also won’t be deprived of the amazing food miracles Dublin has to offer. (Seriously, how do they do it?) And I won’t into debt and/or bankruptcy (though I think it would be worth it). Someone told me it has something to do with the cows here. Because the grass is so healthy, the cows are healthy, so the butter and the milk and all the dairy is just to die for. It’s a weird explanation, but I’m convinced it’s true. I could eat butter with a spoon here.


I still haven’t tried Guinness Stew. That’s next on the list, followed by more brownies, shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, Boojum (think Irish Chipotle), and Murphy’s ice cream.


Guys, THE FOOD IS SO GOOD. In case I haven’t made my point clear yet, let me try again. I’ll use a metaphor. I was blind, and now I see! I was lost in the wilderness, and I found my way home. I’m a single woman who’s just met the love of her life in the form of lots and lots of good food. I was fit and now I’m the size of a new planet entering into orbit.


I guess that’ll do.

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