Posted By: Brittney Dunbar
Posted On: September 17th, 2016
Attending: Waterford Institute of Technology

Homesick. Adjective. Experiencing a longing for one’s home during a period of absence from it.

I could feel it setting in. Jillian and John have been constantly checking in with us to make sure we were settling in. But today when they called and asked how I was doing, I shared that I was feeling homesick. In what felt like 2.5 seconds, Papa John was at our dorms coming to pick us up. I had no idea what the plan was and I didn’t stop to ask.

John had first taken us to see Dunmore. To paint a picture for you, the part of Dunmore that we visited was similar to that of a pier. It overlooked the water and it was absolutely beautiful. Being from Florida, I love the beaches and the site of waves. It was peaceful and calming and had me feeling a lot better.

Next, John took us to the Waterford Castle Country Club. It was a very different experience. He had to drive his car onto a ferry to cross the water. Sounds like nothing, but it was pretty cool. There, we did some sightseeing and exploring and it was really helpful in taking my mind off of things. John then drove us to Jillian’s house and it was a truly warm and special home.

Jillian then drove us out to Tramore beach and although it was very different then the beaches that I’m used to, it was really nice. It was very windy but the sun was shining and there was a carnival going on. We walked along the shore and got some ice cream. Again, this really helped with the way that I was feeling.

After leaving Tramore, we stopped by the store to pick up some groceries and went back to Jillian’s house. There we were able to sit and hangout while she cooked and prepared dinner. What wonders being inside of a home can work.  I couldn’t have felt any more welcomed and I am so thankful for Jillian and her family. Dinner was delicious; backed chicken, mashed potatoes, carrots, brownies and ice cream. Couldn’t have got any better!

After dinner, we sat in the living room together for a little bit and talked. It was about 21:00 (9:00pm) at this point and sadly, time for us to head back to our dorm. Pulling up to the dorm, we thanked Jillian for everything and she gave us hugs and reassured us that she was here for us. As I walked back to my room and sat down on my bed, I felt a sense of relief. Here I am in a brand new country, not knowing a single person. John and Jillian went out of their way to spend the day taking us out and making us feel truly welcomed. What a blessing that is and I really couldn’t thank them enough for that. Thank you John and Jillian. You guys are the best!

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