School is in Session

Posted By: Sarah Fairbanks
Posted On: September 12th, 2016
Attending: DCU

School is underway here at DCU! It’s crazy to think that I just graduated from college in May and here I am in school again. I really feel so lucky to be in the situation I’m in. I’m definitely going to be busy this year with the workload of a one year master’s program, coaching, and basketball. But, it’s nothing I didn’t expect! I’m excited to challenge myself and broaden my horizons.

One thing I already love about DCU is how diverse it is. A big percentage of the students are from Ireland, but I’d say half are not. I’m one of very few Americans, actually. For example, my course has people from France, Belgium, Germany, India, Sweden and many others. I think it really opens my eyes to different people and makes me a better-rounded person. I think everyone should spend at least some time in a foreign country to realize (truly realize) that everyone is not like them. It is so important to be tolerant, patient, and open-minded; but above all, loving towards all walks of life. I’m liking the Irish culture more and more as well. They are very laid-back and easy to converse with. They are not impatient and fast-paced much like in Northeast America (I’ve been able to notice this with myself while being here).     

This past Saturday Jazz and I had our first coaching experience in Dublin. They call it the Academy, which are Saturday morning basketball clinics with young kids. We basically played games with them the whole time while incorporating some basketball-related skills like dribbling, cutting, reaction time, and passing. They were so funny but very well-behaved. I think I’m going to enjoy the Academy (Jazz and I definitely jumped into some of the games). I also just found out the team I will be coaching within my club team, DCU Mercy. I will have the under 20s, so some of them are actually my teammates for Superleague (the Irish league I play in). I will be coaching these guys alongside of my head coach on Thursday nights so I think I’ll enjoy it! Well, I’ve been here officially a month after tomorrow and it’s definitely gone fast. I can’t wait for what’s in store!    


Irish Vocab Lesson #2


Cheers = Thank you

Goujons = Chicken tenders

Lift = Elevator

To cycle = To bike

Rashers = Bacon

Press-ups = Push-ups

Boots = Basketball sneakers

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