Thereäó»s Nothing Like the First Day!

Posted By: Randyll Butler
Posted On: September 26th, 2016

            They say there is nothing like the anticipation of your first day of class no matter what class or grade you’re going in to. (That is the truth). After speaking with our course director at an earlier event, we were told our lecture would take place only once a week. While that may sound like the greatest gift a student could ask for, it also meant our lecture would be 7 hours long! All morning I was in the kitchen preparing snacks and researching tips on how to stay up and focused throughout a long period of time!

            Just as I was getting out of the swing of school, it was time to jump right back in! With almost 4 months out of the classroom, Raychelle, Nyasha, and I started our first class in the Sport and Exercise Psychology MSc program (Yes we will be the masters of reading athletes’ minds!) It was a lovely day. We met our small group of 16 classmates and tried to remember everyone’s name. The day started with small conversations, learning the culture of sport and exercise psychology, its importance in the world, and introductions to get acquainted with each other. It was an exciting time and you could sense the energy in the room.