A Worldwide Effect

Posted By: Jessica Porter
Posted On: October 2nd, 2016
Attending: Trinity College Dublin

For my marketing class, we are in the midst of a group project in which we are creating our own company strategic marketing plan. That being said, I’m spending a lot of time with the other five members of my group. I always seem to be running off to basketball training after my group meetings, so they know all about my passion for basketball and coaching.

Today, one of my group members pointed out how cool he thinks it is that I have an activity that I love and in which I can become so involved. He is from Italy and said that sports are not nearly as big in Italy as in the United States or even Ireland. He pointed out that only rich families that were able to spend the money on equipment, training programs, and club memberships were able to play sports. This is exactly what Sport Changes Life is trying to alter! Sport shouldn’t just be an activity for people who are wealthy. I have learned so many life lessons from basketball, including leadership, time-management, teamwork, responsibility, and so much more. In reality, people who may not come from the wealthiest families could benefit most from sport. It can help them create a path for themselves and understand the meaning of hard work and setting goals.

            Of course in response to my group member, I went on a whole rant about Sport Changes Life and how we are trying to reach out to underprivileged communities, like the ones he had mentioned, and inspire them to challenge themselves and find enjoyment and community through basketball. I can only imagine what an impact Sport Changes Life would have worldwide.


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