Basketball Fan

Posted By: Raychelle Santos
Posted On: October 30th, 2016
Attending: Ulster University

Since I have had a lot of free time on my hands with only having class once a week, golf comes and goes, and coaching having not started yet I have been enjoying my team rooting Nyasha, Ran, Ryan, and Will at their basketball games. I don’t know about them but I feel like their number one fan.

Basketball at my undergrad was really big and all the students couldn’t wait until Basketball season started. We were all consumed by the Zag basketball players and would go to extremes just to be able to get a seat in the student section. Luckily, all students were able to attend the games free of charge but in order to get a ticket you would have to wait hours in the cold just to get a ticket. And the sad part was not everyone got a ticket. Yeah that sounds miserable right? But, the waiting doesn’t end there. You would have to wait in line to get a seat in the kennel. Not to mention there were games where we would camp in the snow and chill in order to get a good seat, and even had a name for it-tent city. Those were the days.

Well, since I’ve been here I have had the opportunity to continue my love for watching basketball by going and see my new friends ball. It’s a been a real treat. Maybe they could come out and watch me play in my next tournament in March? Haha. That would be something else. Looking forward to the week ahead of coaching at Holywood Golf Club.

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