Golf in Ireland

Posted By: Patrick Hartnett
Posted On: October 14th, 2016
Attending: Ulster University

            Well here we are, one week before my first golf tournament. I’ve played many tournaments before, so that is nothing new. The only thing that’s new to me, is that I’m competing in the Irish Intervarsity’s Golf Tournament! I mean come on, I get to compete here in Ireland. How many more times can I say that? But it’s time to get ready and to get my game in-shape. I suppose I have to show why Team U.S.A. won the Ryder Cup!


            But in all seriousness, it will be different competing so far from home. Plus, I get to play another links course, which will be awesome. I get to play a course called Lahinch. It should be interesting. I was asking one of the guys on the team how things worked here, needless to say I was a bit shocked. For a university tournament, there is no guarantee that you make it to the third round. After the 2nd round there is a cut and only the top 30 players make it to the 3rd round. So that is a bit different than to what I’m used to. But it still should be very fun to compete again!


            Stay tuned for next week’s blog!

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