The 5 Star, Granville Hotel

Posted By: Brittney Dunbar
Posted On: October 31st, 2016
Attending: Waterford Institute of Technology

Waterford is too good to us! The Granville Hotel is one of the nicest hotels in the area and happens to sponsor our professional team. Every Saturday and Sunday, they allow us to come in for complimentary meals. And I couldn’t be anymore grateful.

The Granville hotel serves what I would describe as delicious home-style meals.  When I go, I get salmon or breaded chicken, with veggies, potatoes, and we also get a dessert! One thing is for sure; Irish people LOVE their potatoes. They always offer you a twice-baked potato, mashed potatoes, and chips (French fries).  And you best believe that some days we accept all three! The desserts include an assortment of cheesecakes, brownies, chocolate cakes, mousse, custards, and pastries.

We are so appreciative and thankful for The Granville Hotel welcoming us in like this. The warm meals mean so much to us and it’s just a true blessing. Thank you so much!

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