The Start of the Season

Posted By: Madison Ward
Posted On: October 14th, 2016

It is that time of year again…the changing of the leaves; pumpkin spiced everything, and most importantly the start of basketball season. I was finally going to get the chance to put on my bright red Brunell basketball jersey and represent the number 13. A shout out to my roommate from Merrimack College; Lia Nawn who wore #13 our freshman year of college!! Some people may say it’s an unlucky number, but I am getting good vibes already from it.

Our first game was 3 hours north of Cork, right outside of Dublin. Our opponents: the Lifey Celtics. It was not only my first game, but I was very going to be reunited with Emma O’Connor; the victory scholar that is studying in Maynooth. I was so excited and nervous for my first real Irish game. So excited that I got flustered when they were calling the line-up and ended up running out when they called our point guards name. Oops!! Once the tip ball happened, the nervous energy went away and I my mind was just immersed in the game.

My highlight of the game was that I hit a buzzer beater to end the first quarter, by shooting a hook shot with my left hand from the three-point line. I guess you could say the bank was open that day. I think my dad would be proud though; I did use my left hand and all.  In the end we did not end up winning, but I can honestly say I had a great time playing. I definitely sad we lost, but I know we did not lose because of how hard we worked. We came together as a team and put all of our hard work out on the court.

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