A Letter to Granny

Posted By: Randyll Butler
Posted On: November 7th, 2016

Dear Granny,

This message is so long over due, but I miss you and your cute little bum so much! How are you? How is Lee? How is everything? I have seen so many pictures and videos from Tiffany's wedding. You, as well as everyone else looked gorgeous. What a beautiful time it must have been. Even though Raiven wanted to be a bride's maid so bad, I'm sure she is happy it is all over. haha. My mom and Aunty Val said their cruise was fabulous and well needed. You should've went too! And I know you saw Tiffany and Jacob's pictures with the monkey sitting on Tiff's shoulder! I don't know if I could do it. It looked like a little human.


Ireland has definitely been an experience so far. Its only been about three months but it seems like I've been here forever–even though each day is filled with different surprises and new things to learn about their culture. Thats one of the things I am enjoying the most; being able to learn new things about a different culture, their history, and customs. I'm learning that every and any where you go will be different, but similar in that we all have had our struggles and triumphs. I've been thinking and taking this adventure to Ireland has really pushed me to want to explore the world and learn more about other cultures and their history. My bucket list is growing haha. 


Basketball is good. we practice about 3 days a week and have about 2-3 games. My coach is from England and although he claims he has never played basketball a day in his life, his knowledge of the game is really impressive. He can be a really vibrant character and always makes me laugh when he is yelling in his accent–its so proper! I'm playing with a younger team and the girls are lovely and just so silly. Literally a teammate and I spent about 40 minutes of practice in a laughing attack for no reason! People were like whats wrong with you guys!? My ankle gets a little sore sometimes still but it helps because our gym has a cold tub, hot tub, sauna, and steam room. After a nice workout session I always find myself relaxing in the sauna like I'm laying on the beach! 


School is school haha. Sports Psychology is a growing field and its interesting to see the theories behind something I've been doing all my life. I was a bit nervous to start the school year because I didn't know how hard the coursework was going to be, but I think I settled in nicely. (I thank Colgate for that!) We have a lot of writing to do, but I have turned in my first assignment, so wish me luck that I get a good grade! Their grading scale is different here. How we use a letter scale of ABC…I've been told that 50% is passing, 70% is passing with distinctions. So yes fingers crossed I passed my first assignment hehe.


My mom said my little kitty has been bad at home, but I just don't believe that! He is too precious and full of energy! I teach at a young primary school on Thursdays and they too are just full of energy. What I notice most is how attentive and how absorptive they are. It is so impressive to me how quickly a child learns from just watching what is in front of them. They all run up to me and my coaching partner Nyasha, asking "Are you American?" "Where are you form in America?" "How long have you played basketball?" They also love to show off their dance moves and they are very similar to the dances from back at home. They love the Nae Nae and the Dabb (ask Raiven to show you). But mostly, they just put a smile on my face and remind me that this is what I love to do…even when they run in the classroom screaming like mad men!


I miss Austin terribly. He is in Kosovo with an injured foot at the moment. He has told me to tell you hello and that he is thinking about you. He sent me over roses one day and it was cutest thing in the world! I just wanted to update you on some stuff and send you some pictures. I love you so so so much and cant wait to hear back from you. I hope you are bundling up because it is getting cold here.


Love you,