Box Full Of Surprises

Posted By: Brittney Dunbar
Posted On: November 9th, 2016
Attending: Waterford Institute of Technology

Who doesn’t love a box full of surprises???

Care packages have never meant so much to me and I just want to thank the person who came up with the idea. Sending someone far away something that reminds them of home is something that seems small, but makes all the difference. In living out here in Waterford, I have received quite a few care packages from my family and friends. And let me tell you, sometimes they are just the spark you need when you’re feeling down and out. Knowing that people from home would go through so much just to let you know they love, care about, and support you is a huge blessing and I just want them to know how much I genuinely appreciate it. Special shoutout to those special people in my life. I love and miss you guys loads! 

Also, just want to say that any and all kind souls out there that would love to send some goodies from America, I am accepting of anything. Haha I don’t discriminate!

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