International Wonderland

Posted By: Randyll Butler
Posted On: November 19th, 2016

Today Nyasha, Raychelle, and I spent the day in the city to attend Belfast’s annual Christmas Light Switch On. We, along with thousands of other people gathered at Belfast City Council to watch a beautiful show put on by the Lord Mayor, Alderman Brian Kingston, Cool FM Breakfast crew, a kids show, Lily of Lily’s Driftwood Bay, and other entertainment. Along with the Christmas light switch on, Belfast also had a Christmas Market going on. This was my favorite because I had never been to a Christmas market before! Before we even walked in, you could smell the different flavors of foods in the air. My mouth was watering and my taste buds were buzzing. As soon as you walked in, there was a huge German bratwurst station, if you walked two stations down there was a Polish sausage station, then a station with handmade soaps, French crepes, and glazed donuts. It was like being in an international wonderland full of treats! There were tastes and goodies from all over the world. It kind of reminded me of a bigger version of “the taste of Chicago.”


I would highly suggest that everyone goes to the market at least once if they ever visit Belfast during the holidays. Just be cautious, you could gain at least 15 pounds in one day!