Irish Grandparents

Posted By: Randyll Butler
Posted On: November 14th, 2016

   This past weekend was a weekend I can never forget. When you really meet people who are genuine and caring, you can honestly feel their warmth no matter how many miles up the shore they are. That is the feeling I still get when I think about the trip we had with Seana’s grandparents. This past weekend myself, my teammate Seana, Raychelle, and Nyasha all went on a quick get away up the shore to Seana’s grandparent’s home. It was a blessing, treat, and everything more.  Seana had been explaining to me how much her grandparents had wanted us to come up for the longest; to give us a warm welcome to Ireland. There are no words in this blog that will give their welcoming any justice.

            From the moment we left our apartment, I could sense that this was going to be an amazing trip–mostly because Seana’s grandma kept calling Seana to see how close we were. You could feel her excitement through the phone. Her grandparents live up the shore, so it was about an hour and some change to get there. Because we came after practice, it was so late, I thought her grandparents would be sleeping. No sir, they weren’t! As soon as we pulled in, the back porch light lit up and their smiles were shinning in the moonlight. We were taken in with the biggest hugs and cutest kisses on our cheeks. Their home smelled like a burning fireplace and delicious recipes. I almost shed a tear because it reminded me of my grannys home. I dont know how they do it, but grandparents always have the answers to making everything feel right. 

            They settled us in, sat us by the fire and immediately started loading us with treats and snacks. Seana kept given us the look like, “I told you they were going to feed you until your belly popped and talk your ear off.” If it wasn’t for the heat from the fireplace serenading us to bed, I think we would have all stayed and chatted until the sun came up. Sitting there cuddled up with one another and laughing about good times, bad times, and all those between—it made everyone’s night.



            We were woken up by the delicious smell of a grandmother’s cooking! Like oh my gosh it was unreal. But, before we even touched the food, we were all in a trance to jump in their jacuzzi for a nice relaxer on a crisp fall morning! We spent the next couple of hours eating a full course breakfast and Seana’s granddad planned out a map for us to go sight seeing. We visited Daunlace Castle, Carrick-Rede Rope Bridge, Giant’s Causeway, and The Dark Hedges. While they were all beautiful and definitely a sight worth seeing, I am a huge Game of Thrones fan and seeing the Dark Hedges aka King’s Road was so amazing.

            On our way back from the tour (and Seana was a great tour guide) we stopped at a wee café and had a nice cup of tea each (just following the customs). When we got back, Grandma and Grandpa had another full course meal waiting for us…Like how could I ever leave?! When I say they were two of the most genuinely loving, caring, and gentle people..I mean it. Grandpa even sent me home with a framed photograph of the hedges. I am truly grateful to have met my Irish grandparents! I love you Grandma Celine and Grandpa James! If you ever are in Chicago, you will have a place to visit and stay..although I don’t know if the cooking will be as good!