SCL Thanksgiving!

Posted By: Emma OConnor
Posted On: November 25th, 2016
Attending: Maynooth University

Currently on the bus home from Belfast and Thanksgiving did not disappoint! It was great to see with everyone and be away from our responsibilities for 2/3 days and just get to hang out. We only spent two weeks together in August but it was like reuniting with longtime friends. I had the privilege of rooming with Ebony and it worked out great!


We went out in town on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving as a big group which was a blast then we were in the SCL headquarters for meetings and a video shoot on Thursday before the big Thanksgiving event. I’m really excited to see what Marc is going to put together for this video, he’s really talented and creative!


I really enjoyed the Thanksgiving dinner, it was great to see everyone that makes Sport Changes Life run. One of my favorite parts of the night was the big surprise I was expecting. Sport Changes Life put together a video of all of our families wishing us a Happy Thanksgiving from home. I was expecting the video so I was excited all day to see what my family came up with and to see the other scholar’s reactions. My mom and brother made a video and then my mom recorded my former students wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving as well. I somehow managed to hold back my tears watching everyone’s videos but it was amazing to see the love and support coming from everyone’s families back at home. It filled the room with laughter and joy and made this year’s Thanksgiving a little easier being away from home.



Even though I love it here in Ireland seeing the video of mine and everyone else’s families made me excited to be going home for Christmas to spend some QT with friends and family.

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