Turkeys in Ireland

Posted By: Ryan Oliver
Posted On: November 28th, 2016
Attending: Ulster University

On Thanksgiving Day, Sport Changes Life had an amazing day set out for the scholars. It all began when all 23 scholars volunteered at the Homeless Shelter down in Belfast. It was an amazing opportunity to work together and help make a difference. I was able to chat with a few individuals talking mainly about politics and the presidential election. From there we all helped get together goods (food and clothes) that the public had given and help organize to be ready for distribution for the homeless. The facility then served us a wonderful hot lunch that was a great pre-dinner meal.


That evening SCL hosted a special dinner at Aether & Echo where I had a wonderful time. I was surprised to see a couple of familiar faces at the event. I was pleased to see some of my professors from class there along with some of the teachers at the school I coach for. It was a welcoming surprise when a few of my teammates came from the Elks came out as well. We joked and enjoyed each other’s company the entire time. The food was still the best part. It was so amazing and refreshing to have an American style Thanksgiving dinner and not having to cook. The night was all I could ask for but SCL had one more surprise up their sleeves.


SCL pulled out the projector and surprised us all! It was refreshing to have a personal message from home. A 30 plus minute video from home that featured family and friends of all the scholars. I knew my parents weren’t the most tech savvy but it was great to receive a personal message from my brother as the rep for my family! Now the last couple weeks then I’m home for the holidays!


I had to say it was a GOOD DAY! (Ice Cube voice)

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