Almost Halfway There

Posted By: Randyll Butler
Posted On: December 10th, 2016

Almost halfway through my Irish experience, so I thought I’d pull together a list of things that I learned and experienced so far!


  1. No matter how hard I try, my Belfast accent always sounds like a mix of British and Chinese.
  2. Mauds ice cream (famous ice cream shop in Ireland) is literally going to put me back on a freshman 15—Master student edition! You have to try the Poor Bear’s Delight!!
  3. I go to Whose café so much, they have memorized my order! (then to Mauds ice cream)
  4. I have officially started wearing short shorts to basketball practice
  5. The word “wee” is apart of my everyday vocabulary. Yes, I use it in every sentence; deal with it! Along with ending my sentences with “like.” (its actually probably my favorite like)
  6. Its all about the craic…always
  7. My mentees think I know Lebron James, Kobe, and the Kardashians (sometimes I roll with it…hahaha)
  8. My mentees think I play in the WNBA (I always roll with this one!!)
  9. You can never take basketball too seriously. Remember why you fell in love with playing the sport!
  10. Enjoy your days because the time will run out; laugh, engage, and take your experiences in! It feels like the year is moving by in a blink of an eye.