Itäó»s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Posted By: Dillon Burns
Posted On: December 18th, 2016
Attending: Limerick Institute of Technology

Christmas Is exactly a week away and I could not be more excited. I have made it through the first semester of grad school, which was not easy, and the winter break has begun. This past semester I have been reminded a lot about myself, especially in school. I have remembered how important it is to maintain a great work ethic in whatever you do, as well as the ability to fight through adversity when pursuing a goal. The past couple of weeks I found myself spending long days and nights working on numerous projects, especially as the close of the semester approached. While some found it hard to deal with all the tasks at hand, being a former college athlete reduced the pressure; I just always took time to remember how I have been through a lot harder experiences, especially during the basketball season.


As many of the scholars are getting ready to go home for the holidays, I will be spending my Christmas in Ireland this year. I am lucky enough to have my girlfriend, Tara, coming out to visit for majority of the break, and am really looking forward it. This is going to be my first time seeing her in just around four months, so we are both happy to be able to have the opportunity to be with each other for the holidays. We plan to do a little traveling around Ireland which will be great to see some cool new places and areas of the country that people have raved about.


This time of the year is so much about spending time with your loved ones, whether family, friends, teammates, co-workers, take the time to be around those that mean the most to you. There aren’t many times of the year you get to truly relax and enjoy time with those you care about; this is a perfect opportunity. So put some Christmas music on, put a smile on your face, these are the memories that will last forever.


Merry Christmas to everyone out there! I will keep everyone updated on my first Irish Christmas, hopefully it’s an unforgettable one.







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