Merry Christmas from Barcelona

Posted By: Jessica Porter
Posted On: December 27th, 2016
Attending: Trinity College Dublin

After Italy, Megan went back to Ireland to celebrate Christmas with her family who was visiting from America, while Raychelle and I went off to Barcelona, Spain. Growing up in Pennsylvania, it was a bit interesting to have such a warm Christmas time, but I was not complaining!

We stayed in a hostel where we met amazing people from around the world who had such interesting stories, lives and experiences. On Christmas Eve, Raychelle, one of our hostel roommates, and I went to a midnight mass at the Basilica de Santa Maria Del Mar. What an experience! This Christmas Mass was actually on a list of the Top 7 best midnight masses in the world! First of all, the cathedral was gorgeous. It had almost a gothic style and architecture to it. Absolutely breath-taking. The acoustics with the chorus was outstanding. Finally, the Mass was of course all in Spanish, which made it so cool! So glad we were able to take part in such an incredible service.

When Christmas day came around, I woke up to a kit-kat bar at the foot of my bed with a little bow on it that said Merry Christmas! Our new friend who we shared the hostel room with had woken up early to give all 5 of the girls in our room a kit-kat bar present. I know it was just a little piece of candy but even the thought of someone we just met doing such a thoughtful act was so heartwarming. When we thanked her, she said that she wished she could have bought us something more, but she wanted to make sure we had a little something special on Christmas morning.

Needless to say, I feel so thankful to have had such a caring and fun group of people to be with over Christmas! Raychelle managed to make every moment of our trip a blast. From trying new foods at markets to making an adventure when we were completely lost, we couldn’t have had a better time! So thankful to have had such a positive and adventurous travel buddy! I am so excited for our next adventures to come!

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