Posted By: Sarah Fairbanks
Posted On: December 5th, 2016
Attending: DCU

I’m so excited for Christmas break!!! The only things in my way are a few HUGE projects that are a big chunk of my grade, but hey, all is good :). Except that semester one exams are in mid-January…after break (not liking that too much but we’ll see how it goes). I can’t wait to be in PA again but I sure hope it snows while I’m there. I don’t mind the cold too much but it feels rewarding when a nice snowfall adds to the weather—especially on Christmas. I got some shopping done in town the other day and am totally getting in the mood with Christmas music playing and people crafting up ugly sweaters. Love it. 

Myself and my DCU Mercy squad just had a big Cup win this Saturday! It was awesome. It didn’t start out that way considering we were down 17 at the half, but we came back and won and it was just great. We needed it—for the Cup, for our record, and for our morale. I love that I am still able to play the sport I love and am still having fun with it. It really is such a gift. Can’t wait to share everything with my family once I return home. It’ll be so awesome. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

Irish Vocab lesson #????

“Chung gum” = gum; chewing gum

Boot = trunk of the car

Boot = basketball sneakers

Boot = dressy footwear

Boot’s = some pharmacy out here that has it all

chemist = pharmacy 

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