This moment will pass

Posted By: Raychelle Santos
Posted On: December 7th, 2016
Attending: Ulster University

This will be the first Christmas that I will be away from home and I am indifferent about it at the moment. Most people that find out Im from America say I probably cant wait to go home for the Holiday’s but I quickly answer back with “well, im actually going to be travelling for the holidays”, they’re immediately shocked that I wont be going home. Yes, I am a little sad that I wont be with my family but on the flip side I get to travel with new friends to places I never dreamt of visiting before. I am in actual awe at the moment that the trip is happening. At the moment I cant explain how blessed I am feeling, knowing that my parents are supporting me in this decision and helping out with the trip a little bit. I guess I’m not as grown as I thought…. Haha. Kids.

But, at the moment the real important thing standing in front of me is two papers, a presentation, and one test. But as I always say, “this moment will pass”. No matter if I am having a good or bad day, I always hear myself saying those words. Nothing is permanent and that is why I think being able to live in the moment and be present is so important because you might miss out on something really important.

As for coaching I unfortunately only have one more coaching session left before break begins. This has been the best part of my weeks. I love helping the kids out not only with the technical part of golf but also with other things, like encouraging them to be better athletes. This journey so far has been a good one and I cant imagine what life would be like if I hadn’t chose this one.

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