Posted By: Jamiyah Bethune
Posted On: January 20th, 2017
Attending: Institute of Technology Carlow

We (Mike and I) have officially made it to the town where we’ll be staying for the next 9 months. Carlow is a small town but its very welcoming and homey. The view from my apartment is absolutely breath taking and for added luxury I have access to a nice size balcony directly from my bedroom. The thing I love most about Carlow is that everything you need is within walking distance. There’s a long avenue

I don’t start classes for another week so I spent my first week just exploring the town and getting acclimated to things. So far it doesn’t even feel like I live in Ireland. I guess I expected things to be so different from America but really its not. My whole week in Belfast everyone I mentioned Carlow to said the same thing. Everyone said either something about there not being much in Carlow or about how it’s a very small town. In reality, it reminds me a lot of my hometown Union, New Jersey. Although Union is a lot bigger, our shopping center and downtown area is very similar to Carlow’s.

I got a chance to meet a couple of my teammates and my coach “Kojack”. All my teammates are really sweet and they have been especially helpful with where to go grocery shopping, the best eyebrow threading spots, and all the coolest pubs. Kojack is a really good guy. Our team motto is “Family, I got your back.” which is not something that I can say I’ve had a lot of with my past teams. So I’m really looking forward to a more family oriented team environment.

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