Catching Up With the Past and the Present, and Looking Toward the Future!

Posted By: T-John Casiello
Posted On: January 25th, 2017
Attending: Letterkenny Institute of Technology

Hi, guys! The second term starts next week. I’ve had some exciting things going on the past couple days and some cool things coming up that I am really looking forward to before school starts back up.

First, Jack and I recently took a short trip to Belfast to check in with everyone from Sport Changes Life. We haven’t seen a lot of those guys since Thanksgiving so it was good to see them all again and catch up with everyone. Also, Gareth and Deirdre kindly had us over for dinner, which was awesome to have a nice home-cooked meal with them. It was wonderful; it’s sure good having them so close to us, and knowing we always have a home in Belfast!

That is the recent past, but now talking about what lies ahead. Before the next semester starts, I planned an extended weekend to Prague to visit one of my best friends and ex-college teammate from the University of the Sciences. He now plays professional out there so I am really excited to get to see one of his games and to check out Prague as well. From what I hear everyone says it is a fantastic place to visit so I am definitely excited about the trip. It’s less than a 2-hour flight away so it should be pretty easy traveling. This will be my first time traveling to another country in Europe since I have been here so I’m really looking forward to it.

However, with all those exciting things going on, I wouldn’t be completely honest if I didn’t mention that there were a couple gloomy days here in Letterkenny as well. With final exams over and a new semester starting it means that a couple of our roommates are leaving. A few of my roommates were enrolled in a one-semester study aboard program so their time has unfortunately concluded here in Letterkenny. I couldn’t have asked for better roommates here. Jack and I say it all the time, we are very fortunate to have met some great people through this program. I wish them all the best on their future endeavors! It is pretty cool seeing how close we have become with students from various countries and how much they have taught me about their cultures. I definitely hope to travel to their countries one of these days or have them come visit me in the States!

The departures of these roommates mean that new roommates are moving in soon. I am excited to meet them, but jeez they have some big shoes to fill!

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