Head Coach In Charge

Posted By: Jamiyah Bethune
Posted On: January 20th, 2017
Attending: Institute of Technology Carlow

This week was eventful, to say the least. First, I'm happy to say that school has gotten a lot easier to manage. This is the first week where I felt like I understood the material and things just went by a lot smoother in general. I also started coaching this week which has been pretty cool. I'm head coaching the lady's "Freshers" team at college, which is basically a level below the varsity team in which I play for. There's about twelve girls on the team and they are from all different countries (Spain, Nigeria, Germany, etc.) It's a little weird because I'm used to coaching younger kids and teens and half of these girls are my age or even older. So far we have just had try outs (everyone made the team) but we start official practice next week. Many of the girls don't have a lot of basketball experience but they seem like a cool bunch and I think we're going to have good fun this year.

Mike and I also had our first training session with a nearby club team. The first hour we worked with under 15 girls. They were giggly and shy in the beginning but I think they warmed up to us. The second hour was under with 16 boys team who we'll also be coaching. They were very quick learners and had a good team chemistry. They have their first game this Tuesday night and we're coaching them. Hopefully we pull out a win!

Speaking of wins… I'm officially 1-0 in the head coach department. This Saturday I was the substitute head coach of the men's college team against Father Mathews. I'd like to think I'm a pretty awesome coach if I don't say so myself. I didn't even have to stand up out my seat or yell the entire game. We only had 5 people and still pulled out a 20+ point win and as a added bonus Mike scored 38 points. I'm not saying I deserve all the credit or anything but I think I played a key role in the win. All jokes aside it was a great experience. I was nervous in the beginning but once everything got rolling it felt really natural. I'm glad it all worked out.

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