Posted By: Jamiyah Bethune
Posted On: January 20th, 2017
Attending: Institute of Technology Carlow

We had our first tournament at Carlow this past weekend. My team did really, really well. We ended up winning all of our games and the tournament and I was named Most Valuable Player. But, the best part of the weekend was that a bunch of scholars came to play in the tournament and Uncle G and Deirdre came down as well. It was just a breath of fresh air to be able to hang with them all again. I even got to play against two scholars, Randy and Nyasha, who play for University of Ulster. It was definitely taxing playing 3 games in one day and 5 games in one weekend. I haven't played that many games in 2 days since high school. So yea, my body was not happy with me by the end of the tournament.

This is the first tournament that I've played without having my friends/family present so that was kind of hard for me. It just made me think about how much I miss everyone. It's so hard to keep in touch with the 5 hour time difference. I'm always half way though my day before anyone back home even wakes up. Then, when everyone is wide awake and ready to talk I'm in the bed looking to go to sleep. Thankfully, I have Kojack to keep all my Facebook family updated on my every move and accomplishment every hour of every day.

I'd say the worst thing about playing so many games is that I have to wash my own uniform now. Unfortunately, we don't have a dryer so we have to hang everything overnight. We only have one drying rack so it usually comes down to who can run into the kitchen the fastest with their laundry… and I always lose that race. I think I'm going to start waking up early just so I can beat Mike to it. Haha.

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