Starting the second semester

Posted By: Dillon Burns
Posted On: January 5th, 2017
Attending: Limerick Institute of Technology

Being in a Master’s program is not easy. That is something I can confirm after going through the first four months of school down here at LIT. The multiple projects and presentations has definitely taking its toll on me. This week confirms the ending of the first semester as two of our projects were pushed back till after Christmas break due to a heavy work load and time constraints. It is safe to say that these last few months are the most effort I have put into school in my whole life, as a lot of early mornings and late nights were needed up to this point.


The start of the second semester allows for a fresh start and encouragement knowing the first semester will be in the past. Although the course work was challenging, the teachers we had made completing all the work satisfying. They put in just as much time as we did in the projects we had and pushed all the students in the class to strive for more each and every day. Having the guidance from them right from the start makes me feel like I am well prepared for the second semester and take on anything thrown my way!


The second semester is one that always goes fast. Although I am happy knowing that I am halfway done with school, it is bittersweet knowing that I only have a couple more months out here in Ireland. Trying to enjoy everything around me and succeed in the classroom has been tough to do, but I think I have been able to find a happy medium


There are many things that I am looking forward to in the second semester. Two of those things have to do with people coming to visit me from home. In about a little less than a month, my sister and her friend are coming to visit, which is very exciting as I haven’t seen her since I left in August. Then during Easter break, three of my best friends are coming out to visit, which should be a great time. It is always enjoyable being around family and friends, so I am truly looking forward to showing them the Irish culture.


As a new semester begins, so do new experiences and new opportunities. I am looking forward to everything these next four months hold and making the most of each and every day!






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