Taking Charge!

Posted By: Brittney Dunbar
Posted On: January 22nd, 2017
Attending: Waterford Institute of Technology

It had been SIX weeks since my professional team had a league game! We were supposed to play the Mystics last weekend but the game ended up being cancelled (and sadly didn’t get to see fellow Victory Scholar, Ebony). So not only had it been a while since the last time we played together, but the first game back would be against the undefeated (until last night!) UCC Glanmire team.

In coming back from the holidays, we also had a new coaching staff. Jillian had stepped in as our new head coach! Everyone kept saying how things would be a lot different and she was a really tough coach, so we had no idea what to expect. We also got a new assistant, Trish, who played with Jillian back in the day (Trish is AWESOME!). They make a great team and balance each other out. Philip is our new defensive coach and he has made a big impact on our team play as well. My point in all this is that no one expected us to win considering the circumstances. No one except Waterford.

The entire two weeks of practice before the game, the whole team worked harder than ever to prepare us as best as possible to take on the second half of the season, one game at a time. Of course starting with the team sitting at the top of the league.

As soon as we stepped on the court to warm-up, we were focused and ready. Right from the tip-off it was a battle. Each team went on their own runs throughout the game but neither would go down easy. Fourth quarter with 1:30 left on the clock, we lead by 4. A player on their team gets the ball and pushes it up the court to cut the lead to one possession. Thinking back to halftime, Jillian had yelled for us to be brave and take a charge. Well, as the girl drove in for the layup, I bravely stood my ground and hoped the ref would make the right call (refs are a different breed out here). Next thing I knew, I was laid out on the ground (as pictured) and the gym was going crazy because I had taken the charge and helped protect our lead. It was one of the greatest feelings. Time expired and it was your Maxol Wildcats who came out on top! Proof that no team should ever be counted out!

Big shout out to all our awesome Waterford fans, our tough new coaches, and my amazing teammates! The Wildcats are on the prowl!

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