The Art of Motivation

Posted By: Ebony Wells
Posted On: January 20th, 2017
Attending: NUI Galway

Being in Ireland has come with a lot of lessons learned both about myself and other people. I would have to say one of the most interesting ones, however is about the art of motivation. I have always been good with words and writing. It seems as though when I sit down I just think of things and am able to articulate the thoughts in my head. When you’re in the public eye the way in which you motivate has to be a little more thoughtful than just sitting down and writing some words though. I can recall a couple of instances where I’ve gotten texts and phone calls from both domestic and abroad questioning some of the things I may have said.

The art of censorship is also a learned experience. When is it appropriate to say something and if it is appropriate how do I say it in a way that my message will be heard effectively? That’s a dilemma I have had my whole life. Being “real” and saying what’s on your mind is always an admired trait until you say something to make someone upset. In that though, I have learned a few valuable lessons about the art of motivation.

  1. My faith in God is very strong. Most of the time when I come up with words to say and statuses to post they come out of nowhere, or maybe they appear that way to most people. I could be sitting on my computer doing something completely unrelated and a topic comes to mind. I sit and think about it for a while and then the thoughts and sentences start to form. I put those into a framework that makes sense and then I post it as a status. I believe that the “random” thoughts aren’t so random and they are given to me by God to articulate.
  2. Motivation has no framework. The way in which people are motivated is different and wide in range. Some people aren’t motivated until someone yells at them, while for others all you have to do is talk to them and they are doing what you need them to. Some people are also self-motivated and don’t need the encouragement of anyone to get their tasks done. Whatever their form of motivation, there are people and plans to reach everyone. I’ve learned that just because a message I send might not make sense to one person, it might be just what another needed at the time. Every time I’m unsure, someone will text or call and tell me that’s just what they needed to hear. That’s all the confirmation I need.
  3. Being politically correct is sometimes not correct at all. I find that more often than not people do not understand when you speak in parables or tell a story to teach a lesson. Some people only understand things when you just come out and tell it like it is. I find myself asking: what’s the point of putting a message out there that nobody gets?

My goal in all of this is to positively impact as many people as I can, and do so in a way that leaves a lasting impression on their lives. You never know who you might be helping, so when something comes to mind, I say it and make sure to package it in a way that people can relate to. Not everyone will understand the message, but it will reach the people it’s meant to, and in the end that’s all that matters anyway.

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