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Posted By: Jessica Porter
Posted On: January 7th, 2017
Attending: Trinity College Dublin

After a week of traveling through Amsterdam and Den Haag with my boyfriend, Matt, we finally made it back to Dublin! My twin sister, Gwen, joined us the next day and I was unbelievably excited to show them EVERYTHING in my new world! From tours of Trinity to my favorite restaurants to Cliff walks and much more… they had a lot in store! One of my favorite parts of their visit was the fact that I was able to be a tourist for the week with them. In Dublin, we went to the Guinness Factory, saw the Book of Kells and walked the Howth Cliff walk and the Wicklow Mountains.

We all really enjoyed going to the Basketball Ireland Cup semifinal weekend in Cork, where I was able to introduce them to a bunch of Victory Scholars. After having watched all the Sport Changes Life snapchats and seeing the Instagram posts, Matt and Gwen finally got to meet them in the flesh. They also got to meet my Meteors teammates! The next day, we took advantage of being in Cork and explored the Blarney Castel, which was absolutely beautiful.

After 4 months of simply wanting to show my friends and family from America the incredible buildings, school, people, views, etc. that I am surrounded by, I was so thankful to finally share it with them.

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