Let me tell you about my friends..

Posted By: Raychelle Santos
Posted On: February 16th, 2017
Attending: Ulster University

Since it was just Valentines Day two days ago I think its fitting to write about my friends. Not only is it fitting because I don’t have a significant other but because I personally think Valentines Day isnt only about the love between you and your lover. I think it is about being loved and celebrating with others that make you feel loved. You may only think that I think this because I don’t have a lover, yes that’s probably true but until then I am sticking to this.

So my friends, let me tell you about my girls. I have ALWAYS wanted to be friends with basketball players. I never had the opportunity to befriend one of the basketball girls at Gonzaga but here I had no choice, but its the only choice I would ever want. Lol. I sound like a fan girl. But I just think basketball is so cool. I think its just the most swaggy sport ever and if I had the chance to be good at another sport other than golf I would choose basketball.

Okay so my friends Nyasha and Randy, aka Nee and Butta. I am so glad I get to experience this journey abroad with the both of them. They are so kind to me and mean to me when its necessary. Haha. I think that’s necessary in a real friendship, people who will tell you how it is when its needed is a real friend. On my end I definitely don’t do it enough because there isnt much to complain about or much to call them out on.

Nyasha has a particular and contagious laugh and I sometimes give her the side eye because I feel like it just comes out of nowhere. Im like girl what the heck are you laughing about? She is just so spontaneous and is down for whatever that is crazy. I love Nee because I know that I can go to her to help me with anything, because she went to Yale, duh, so you know shes smart as hell but because she is easy to get along with and shes always willing to give a hand with anything. Okay Ran Butta. She is definitely something different. I ALWAYS give her the side eye because she is crazy. I have learned a lot from Butta, especially about all things that has derived from Chicago like music and new dance moves that I will definitely bring out the next time Im on the dance floor. But other than that she is just great. She makes me want to be a better person, always calling me out on my judgments and when Im not being nice. Last but not least, don’t go shopping with Butta because she will make you buy that jacket you have been contemplating, but that’s just it, Randy helps you live in the now, if you want to do it, do it, because why not? Life is about living in the moment.

I’ll talk about the boys later because they deserve their own blog. But I love them all too.

So this Valentines Day was just like any other day. Yes we watched the steamy 50 Shades Darker but it was just like the day before. I got to spend the day with the ones that I have come to love and cherish. So go out and be with the ones that make you the happiest because happiness is contagious.

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