Visitors and Birthdays

Posted By: Dillon Burns
Posted On: February 12th, 2017
Attending: Limerick Institute of Technology

Yesterday (Saturday), my sister and her friend officially made it to Limerick. They landed bright and early, so we got an early jump to the day and onto the festivities of the week. I was able to show them all around the city of Limerick, as well as take them to the one and only, Limerick ‘Milk Market’, which is one my favorite places to be on a Saturday. At night, we decided to go to this restaurant called ‘The Locke Bar’ (if you are ever in Limerick, you must go there), which has some of the best wings you will ever taste, and great traditional live Irish music. This was a great way to break them into the culture and get them ready for the upcoming week.


Today, the girls got to experience me coach the 14 and under boy’s team, as well as play in a rivalry game vs the Limerick Lions. Although we came up short at the end of the game I coached, we were able to get a huge victory over the Lions, and give them their first loss of the season. This was one of the first games my sister has seen me play since college (In America), so I was very happy she was able to see me play, and for us to get the victory. I look forward to traveling and site-seeing with them one or two days this week, as they are very excited about going to different places.


Currently back home in America, there are some big birthdays that have recently occurred and are upcoming in the next few days. First off, yesterday my girlfriend Tara turned 23, so she is the first person I’m sending a shout-out too. Although, I have always been told, ‘’Nobody likes you like when your 23’’. The other person I likely to recognize is my amazing Grandmother who is turning 85 years old on Monday, and man I can truly say ‘’85 never looked so good’’. She has been one of the most special and influential people in my life, and continues to be today. I have been fortunate and blessed to have both of these great people visit me in Ireland, all great memories I won’t ever forget. So happy birthday to these two special people, they deserve to have the greatest of days.


This week will be an eventful, and fun-filled one that I look forward to sharing next week.



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