Ballin’ Like Its March Madness!

Posted By: Ryan Oliver
Posted On: March 16th, 2017
Attending: Ulster University

March is one of the best times of the year if you’re a basketball fan. You have the NCAA conference tournaments to see who will get their bid into the Big Dance. And, of course, you have the final 68 teams in the NCAA Tournament. After not being a student-athlete of the NCAA anymore I was very excited to finally fill out a bracket again.


The NCAA offers multiple post-season tournaments outside the main one. The NIT, CBI and the CIT are those who still play into late March/early April. My sophomore and senior year the Siena Saints and I were invited to play in the CBI Tournament. Teams who finish about .500 and a good strength of schedule would get that invite. It mainly consists of mid-majors across the country with a couple high-major teams sprinkled in there. My sophomore year we won the 2014 CBI Championship. It was the highlight of my college career. It was an amazing feeling to win at home in front of our great fans and student section. To see the students and fans rush the court to celebrate with us was a feeling I’ll never forget.


I participated in a couple of NCAA brackets this year. One that included other Victory Scholars along with SCL staff. The other was also here at UUJ. I have to say during my 4-year absence (being a student-athlete with the NCAA it is illegal if you’re involved doing a bracket) I must’ve lost my touch. My bracket was horrible. I had family and friends LAUGHING at my selections. I couldn’t believe it… I was always the best before college. I really finished last in last place in every bracket. 


I’m a competitor… so I’ve already started preparing for next season!

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