Boojum is Life

Posted By: Ryan Oliver
Posted On: March 2nd, 2017
Attending: Ulster University


Mexican Rice.


Black Beans.

Mild Salsa.




Get Boojum loyalty card stamped.


You can thank me later.


Coming over the previous scholars of UUJ raved about Boojum. I heard multiple people say it was better than Chipotle. Myself and the other scholars often thought that was a bold statement. I thought they were outrageous and clearly hadn’t had Chipotle in a while. Rewind to my first week here….


During a week-long orientation, we drove by Boojum and saw the line was OUT THE DOOR during lunch time. I then realized that the previous scholars were on to something. After meeting my teammates, they quickly shared their love and obsession with Boojum as well. My first free day I headed to Belfast and had to see what the hype was about.


With only two months remaining here my Boojum loyalty card is one stamp away from completing the 40 total stamps and receiving my “Boojum Addict” T-shirt. As we say in Belfast… “Boojum is life.” If you find yourself near a Boojum, follow the instructions mentioned at the beginning and you won’t be sorry!

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