Brunell is Sticking with the Super League

Posted By: Madison Ward
Posted On: March 19th, 2017

It is weird to say but the basketball season is coming to an end. If you and your team are lucky enough you make it all the way to March Madness. Fortunately, here in Ireland the season runs longer, and win or lose, league was still going on as the pools were coming out. That being said, there is only two games left…making me very sad!!

Our second to last game was very big, one of the biggest games I have ever played in. I have played in pressure filled games; games that had the potential to bring home trophies and metals. Yet I have never played in a game that had the pride of a club ridding on. A game that would determine if the club would be relegated out of the Super League for the following season and bumped down a league. I wasn’t go out there to play for just myself and my team but for my entire club.

I woke up nervous and excited that morning as we headed down to Dublin. We were playing the Meteors and fellow scholar Jess. It never gets old playing another scholar!!!! We fortunately finished the game on top, and it was one of the best feelings I have felt after a game. I left it all on the floor, and I couldn’t wait to give Ann (my community partner and head of the club) a really big hug. Brunell has done so much for me, and I played as hard as I could for them. Brunell will be back in the Super League next year, so everyone better watch out!!

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