St. Patricks Day in Patricks-Land

Posted By: Madison Ward
Posted On: March 17th, 2017

As you read in my previous blog, there is nothing better than eating a Belgian waffle in Belgium. Well this blog revolves around a similar phenomenon. March 17th has finally come around and I can actually say that I am celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. How exciting is that??? It is really exciting!!! St. Patricks Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. We got to eat green eggs and ham in school, and it is my Aunt Marne’s birthday! So quick shout out: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARNE!!!” 

Everyone from home has been asking me if I would be spending the holiday in Dublin, but due to the fact that I had a basketball game in Cork over the weekend I did not make my way to Dublin. My Cork classmates told me that Corks festivities would be better anyway (not sure if they are a bite bias….). The day started off with a parade down St. Patrick’s Street (the main street in Cork). I then went to many different pubs listening to Irish music, dancing to the Drop Kick Murphy’s, and drinking Green beer along with my new Irish friends. Many laughs were had to say the least.

As the day came to an end I concluded that Americans take St. Patrick’s Day a little more serious than the Irish do. I am pretty sure that the Boston parade would give the Cork parade a run for its money. That being said, nothing beats spending the day with the friends, drinking green beer and laughing in a small pub in St. Patrick’s homeland.

Spend St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland äìñ off the bucket list

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