äóÖLove your jobäó»

Posted By: Dillon Burns
Posted On: April 2nd, 2017
Attending: Limerick Institute of Technology

Over the last couple weeks, reality has really hit hard for me. I have realized that school is coming to end very shortly and in a couple weeks I will be going home to start a new phase in my life. Basketball is most likely over for me, and it is time to start looking for a job, specifically a career path.

When seeking advice from people about landing a job, everyone has said the same thing; make sure that whatever it is that you choose to do, “love your job”. I have thought about this over and over and I find that the reason why It is difficult to figure out what I want to do right now because of the fact that my last two serious ‘jobs’ were unbelievable ones.

In college, my job was to be a ‘Student-Athlete’. My responsibilities were too go excel both in the classroom and on the court. For me, someone who LOVES the game of basketball, what better job is this. I was on full scholarship so everything (books, tuition, room and board) was all paid for and all I had to do was go to school and be a basketball player. Although, like any strenuous job, the hours are long and the days are tiring, it was something that was fun and enjoyable. Knowing that when I woke up every morning, I had the opportunity to play college basketball and represent a program with such a great reputation was unreal. Whether going to class, practice, or to a game, every day was a dream come true and I LOVED every second of it. I had the greatest colleagues in the world (my teammates), and having the chance to go to work every day with some of your best friends might have been the best perk of it all. College basketball, especially in America is a grind, and every player sacrifices so much of their time and life to it. Those that are fortunate to have the experience never forget it and values all the things it teaches you as a person. As a person who loves basketball, there was no greater job that I was able to take pride in then being a ‘Student-Athlete’.

My second job, and my most recent one this year, has been as a SportChangesLife Victory Scholar. Being a scholar in this program is a job that has changed my life. I was nominated, along with 22 other prestigious individuals from the United States, to come to Ireland and make a difference through the game of basketball. As a scholar, our jobs are too study in a Master’s program, play basketball for our local club and college, and most importantly work in the local community and club and teach and promote the game of basketball. How in the world can anybody not enjoy this job!! This is the ultimate TRIPLE THREAT. Higher education, playing overseas, and coaching to make a difference are things that make the job so enjoyable. I am able to wake up every day with a smile on face, knowing that I am involved in something that I life impacting. I am able to not only better myself every day but also tons of other kids. Basketball has given me a chance to meet amazing people, travel the world, and learn things about myself I never knew. Having the privilege to introduce and promote this game to kids of all ages around Ireland, and provide them opportunities that I was fortunate to have is an honor. Sport has really changed my life, and it has the ability to affect other’s lives in a positive way as well. That Is why the job of being a victory scholar this year is one that I have LOVED, and being involved with Basketball and life changing opportunities has made my job an enjoyable one.

So as I look forward to my next step in finding a job for the future, I hope it brings as much joy, pride, and enjoyment as the last two have.

I will make sure that it is a job that I truly LOVE.



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