May Day

Posted By: Sarah Fairbanks
Posted On: April 25th, 2017
Attending: DCU

Prayers welcome for this last month or so of college!!! Yikes it’s a lot! I have about a combined 9,000 words due next week and then my HUGEEE Next Generation Management portfolio due at the end of May (don’t even ask me how many words that’s gotta be). Anybody up for a writing job? Haha just kidding. No plagiarism here folks… Anyway, I’m pretty much going to be a typing machine for the next month. And then I’m back in Ireland in June to complete my practicum over the summer which I’m pretty excited for 🙂

I know it’s not over yet, but this past year has really gone so fast. I’ve met so many incredible people, seen so many wonderful places, and have learned so much. To think I was hesitant about doing SCL back in May of 2016 is so crazy to think about now! I’m so unbelievably grateful I did this and was given the opportunity. I think I’ll be even more grateful after I finish this master’s in August 🙂 Now, friends of mine are applying for the program and I feel good knowing I can help answer their questions and ease their anxieties. I want them to have this experience that I have had, because I know how valuable it is. You get immersed in another culture, gain a more worldly knowledge, become more independent and self-sufficient, meet a diverse group of people, and get to know yourself even more. An experience like this isn’t for everyone, but I sure can tell you you must make the most of it. There are plenty of challenges being in a foreign country, but learning and growing from them is so enriching. This goes with pretty much anything in life—having the right attitude and getting the most out of a situation is the best thing one can do sometimes. Be grateful. Be outgoing. Because it will be so rewarding.

A revisit to my Irish vocab/culture tidbits…

-The Irish say “like” or “so” and the end of every sentence. Example: “That was so frustrating like.” “Will you come with me so?”

-Their favorite sandwich is a chicken filet roll… and they pronounce the “T” in filet. 

-”Yer man” means “that guy.” Example: “Yer man from lecture read the notes off the slides.” 

-Peanut butter is apparently a veryyyy American thing! Just learned this one recently. No PB&Js out here. Such a shame… 

-Butter and mayo are used TO THE MAX out here. 

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