The Travel Bug

Posted By: Raychelle Santos
Posted On: April 16th, 2017
Attending: Ulster University

I don’t have crazy spring break stories to tell like my other friends. I didn’t go off somewhere for vacation with friends, instead my last four years of spring break were scheduled around a golf tournament. Though, don’t read this thinking poor me. My last four years consisted of 2 weeks of spring break, which is normally supposed to be one week, and I got to go to San Francisco and Hawaii. Yes- Hawaii every four years. So, to say that I wasn’t upset I wasn’t kegging it up somewhere like Cabo is an understatement. Though, this spring break I was ready to spend spring break other than on a golf course.

The beginning portion of my spring break consisted of many unforgettable moments with Will & and his brother Allen. I didn’t know what to expect travelling with the two but I knew it was going to be an adventure. I was designated as the food seeker, since I am obsessed with any thing that looks good. Therefore, I had been researching places and foods that were a must while we were in Amsterdam. And yes, the boys can vouch for me and say that everything I recommended was a hit. From the stroopwaffles to eating in the Foodhallen everything was insta and flavor worthy.

Yes. We did do more things than eat our way through the city. We saw majority of the touristy sites and did most of the touristy things lol…. The city in itself was more than I imagined it to be. Everywhere you looked it was picture worthy. It looked just like the pictures you see on the Internet. Amsterdam is beautiful, the people are beautiful, and the vibe was buzzing. Definitely, a place I don’t mind visiting multiple times in my life.

My time in Amsterdam was a needed one. With all the things from school to mentoring my days were filled up to the max and I didn’t know how/when to take a break but, Amsterdam definitely showed me how to take a break. As I continue to travel during my time here I get to figure out more about myself. Especially, travelling with Will and Allen I realize that I need to take a chill pill once in a while. I like to have most of the day planned out but when things don’t go as planned I shouldnt try to force them to happen, rather embrace the moment and go with the flow. Every time I travel somewhere new I recognize something different about myself, either good or bad and I just want to continue to keep finding out more about myself. One thing I definitely have learned about myself is how brave I am. I always saw myself as a shy and scared person but these past 9 months has changed me into an independent woman that cant be stopped. LOL. Cant believe I said that. But since I did, it means its true right?

PSA: If you are a woman who is 5 foot 4 or less get yourself two 6 foot 4 plus guy friends to travel with because others will think youre a famous celebrity with two body gaurds, nobody will mess with you because you have two tall men with your, or you just get weird looks because youre an odd group. 

Off to more adventures!

-Ray x

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