They said May would come sooner..

Posted By: Raychelle Santos
Posted On: May 10th, 2017
Attending: Ulster University

May. The month that I go home. Never thought I would be saying that so soon. It wasnt until after my last class of second semester was over that I realized everything was slowly beginning to end. It was a bitter sweet moment. How could everything be ending so fast? I was just in Amsterdam like a day ago eating the finest of foods. Now I was beginning to pack my room, getting ready to leave. So what now?

I am going to try to sum up my time here in as few words as possible, or at least in a few sentences because if you really want to know how I feel I suggest you apply for this program or just sit down with me over a cup of tea (my new found obsession). So this experience can never be duplicated, it has been a roller coaster of emotions and new experiences, and full of self exploration. I think the biggest thing that I will gain from this experience is the new love and passion I have found for life. There is so much to life than sport. Sport brings us together, yes, but it also shows the flaws in life. At least for me that is what I found. Yes, golf has given me so much that I cant hardly imagine my life with out it. But, also golf has shown me what I was missing. It has shown me that I love being surrounded with others, sharing my passions, and giving. Because of golf I have found my love, my true love. Being of service to others. This experience has given me the opprotunity to find out what makes me truly happy without all the other distractions I would have had if I was still home. I was able to self discover freely. 

But for now, I hope to be a teacher when I get home and create my own food blog because with food I am able to share my love and passion of giving to others. When others are happy I am happy. I’m gonna end it with this quote that describes how I am feeling right now. 

“I am learning to love the sound of my feet walk away from things that are not meant for me”


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