Posted By: NatalyaLee
Posted On: August 30th, 2017
Attending: Ulster University

A view that is breathtaking.

Us scholars had been dying to hike Cavehill since we arrived in Northern Ireland and we finally got the chance. Cavehill is a huge mountain that over looks the City of Belfast and once you reach the top the view is amazing. However, I was not expecting the difficulty it was to hike that mountain. I am pretty sure 5 minutes into walking up the mountain I was huffing and puffing, it was so steep and it just kept going and going. But you tend to forget the struggle it may be to get up the mountain because the scenery you get to see while making your way up is breathtaking. We would all get to one part of the mountain look out and see the view and think we were at the top but nope it kept going up. We would get to another part of the mountain and think once again we have to be at the top by now because there was no way the view could get any better than this. Well weren’t we wrong, it kept going and finally we reached the top and I couldn’t put into the words the amount of beauty we got to look out and see. The whole city of Belfast was right in front of you. You could see the cars riding on the streets, the beautiful green playing fields (“pitches” as they’re called in Northern Ireland). The view was just brilliant! One of the most awesome parts was a rainbow that came across the sky and right where the rainbow sat was the horizon of Scotland. It was insane definitely something I’ll never forget.

Being able to go on this hike put the opportunity I was given by Sport Changes Life and the Rory Foundation more into perspective because without them I would not been able to see the views I was able to witness. I would not have the pictures I was able to take to keep for memories for the rest of my life. I have so much gratitude for both foundations that I don’t think I could ever express fully. These two foundations are amazing and I can’t wait to see and explore more of the Island as a Victory Scholar!


Lots of Love


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