Week 4

August 25th, 2017 | Uncategorized

What’s up guys? 


Hope all is well.  It has been quite a long week, with lots of activities taking place (seems to be the case every week).  This past weekend we had two Junior Elks games, the U14 and U16, in which the girls played phenomenally well considering we were not at full depth.  These were the first official games of their season, playing against Andersontown Tigers.  The girls pulled out the U14 victory, but unfortunately we fell short in the U16 game.  All in all, there is great progress and areas that can be improved in.


In other quite similar news, we (Ulster Elks) played in our first Premier League game on Wednesday against Ballymena Blackstone.  The game was very interesting from the start.  We only had one referee for the entire game.  And just a visual for those of you who might not understand, reference the picture below!  That’s all I’m going to say about that.  On the bright side, we came out with the win and in the end that is the main objective.  There were very positive glimpses, but as a team we will need to become (in the words of Dave Paulsen) more consistent if we want to compete at the highest level.  


While having a high level of concentration in basketball and coaching, time management is becoming ever so essential now that coursework has picked up.  Assessments have been assigned, which all have a due date around a similar time frame (meaning can’t leave it for last minute).  The assignments seem very interesting and I am looking forward to getting started on those.


I am going to leave you guys with a quote that I picked up this week that I think is important in maxmizing my experience while in Northern Ireland and is a major part in my reasoning behind making the decision to join the USNI Sport program.  


“You can’t get somewhere you’ve never been without doing something you’ve never done”


The experience that I am getting over here will help shape the person I become in the future.  Dealing with adversity and not always going the easy route has helped me learn a lot more than I would choosing to do something I am familar with.  I look forward to updating you guys with the different adventures and challenges that I will encounter throughout the year.


Best wishes,



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