Week 8

August 25th, 2017 | Uncategorized

Hey folks,


This has been a tough week for me with lots of coursework.  Sounds familiar huh?  Yea I know. I have realized that this master’s course is really challenging me to manage my time well.  Some might call me a nerd, but I’ve enjoyed the challenge.  I have two assignments that are due this week, both of which are group assignments.  Originally, I thought group assignments were easier and that I preferred them.  Well… after 8 weeks of working in group I have learned a lot and maybe that view has changed (for now).  Working in groups forces communication and understanding among all group members.  I recognize that to be successful in the business world today, you must have great communication skill and empathy for those you have business relationships with.  Already I have learned a lot about working with others that will benefit me in the future.


With that being said, I did receive my assignment back that I mentioned to you guys a couple weeks back.  And I received a 66!  For those of you who come from American grading systems like myself would think that this was not a good grade.  Well I am in luck, because here in Northern Ireland the grading system is completely different.  A 66 is a B.  To prove it, I attached a picture of my grade!


Being successful in the classroom is definitely the first priority here, but that is also a priority on the basketball court.  Our last game against in town rival, Belfast Trpoics, we came up short.  With our record now being 3-2, we are looking to bounce back with some W’s.  This obviously starts in practice, where we will look to improve in the areas that hurt us most.  Defensive intensity has been raised in practice since our last outing.  Long as we continue to make strides in the right direction, we will prepare ourselves for success.


Shoutout to the Bucknell Bison for picking up their first W of the season this weekend.  Also I hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving!




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