Will it all fit?!

Posted By: NatalyaLee
Posted On: August 30th, 2017
Attending: Ulster University


Packing for 9months when the airport has so many restrictions on weight, height, and how many bags can really mess someone up, like me for example.

When I found out I was going to be a Victory Scholar I was at the Mall, sitting in Champs sneaker store with my little brother. So, oddly my little brother was the first person to find out that I’d be moving across the Atlantic in just a few months. After that you would think my parents would be the next people of my family to be told the great news, they deserved it right? They were the ones that just raised me for 23 years and probably without them I wouldn’t have even been selected into this amazing program. Well no, they weren’t (I know I’m horrible). I then went about telling a close friend of mine through text message and well after that I’m sure I told my other siblings next. I think it was a day later or maybe even two that I finally told my parents separately at different times. I couldn’t quite tell you why I went about delaying the exciting news to my parents it just happened to go that way… honestly though it probably was because I didn’t want my mom to blast it all over Facebook. We all know how our parents love posting and being on Facebook. And I’m sure my mom was a little heartbroken when she found out she had to keep my exciting news quite for awhile (love ya mom).

But anyways preparing for my stay in Ireland was an arrange of emotions. It was definitely fun and exciting because you know everything you’re doing is bringing you one step closer to your new journey that’ll be starting in a couple months but at times it did get a little stressful. For instance I didn’t get my Passport or Visa until two days before we were leaving for Ireland. So I’d definitely be lying if I didn’t say my last week in the States was the most stressful time of my life. I really thought this once in a lifetime opportunity was going to get tossed right out the window. But with some faith and positivity it worked out in the end. I finally had received my documents after discovering a small communication error and everything was all good! Well I thought…

Some will say this issue should not be stressful or difficult but I was not that someone. And that issue was PACKING! I packed and unpacked about 10 times, changed my suitcases two or three times, and then packed and unpacked about another four times. I could just never get it right. So, to answer the question “Will it all fit?”

Sadly, the answer was NO!

I had to sacrifice a lot of great shoes and clothes that I own which let me tell you was not easy but for an opportunity like this I’m sure I’ll get over it! Especially because I am just so excited, honored, and overwhelmed with joy to be a Victory Scholar for Sport Changes Life. I am ready to help make a difference in young kids lives, play basketball again, and most importantly gain more education achieving my Master’s. I hope you all will keep up with me on my new journey living here in Northern Ireland with my blogs, pictures, and videos. I am so excited to share!

Lots of Love


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