A Year of Firsts

Posted By: JamesGordon
Posted On: September 18th, 2017
Attending: Institute of Technology Carlow

With the first tip-off of the season and the first lecture completed, it is hard to believe I am just about a month in to this great journey. I already know that these next 9 or so months are going to absolutely fly by.  The people I am constantly surrounded with and the friendly faces I have met and befriended have made this a month to remember, making the fact that I am a few thousand miles away from home (almost) negligible.

Unfortunately the start of the season did not go as planned, suffering a sizable loss.  However, there is no where to go but up and the best lessons in life come from these failures.  It has delighted me to see how resilient and determined my coach and teammates are and the commitment to competing at a higher level. Coming from a close Emory basketball family, the level of respect for the game my new teammates and coach have is a tremendous plus. We have a game coming up this weekend and I am confident we will come back stronger.

Now to the classroom!

This week I finally got a taste of what the postgraduate life will be all about.  We were welcomed by the head of the Business department and from the very beginning we were greeted with friendly faces as our professors introduced themselves.  They each told us about the rigorous schedule ahead of us, but with the topics we covered and the captivating information that each subject will provide, I am eager to begin. My classes are in a very intimate setting, in a small room with only 9 other students.  This will give me a very good chance to build a relationship with my professors and work closely with my fellow pupils.

This time next week I hope to put a W in the scorecard and some new school textbooks in my backpack.

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