Americans Have Interesting Accents Too

Posted By: NatalyaLee
Posted On: September 16th, 2017
Attending: Ulster University

I have had the privilege of working with so many different groups of kids that has been extremely rewarding and fun and to think I’ve only been here for a month. I still have 8months to go with all these awesome wee lads and lassies.

When first meeting the kids it’s not always the easiest, us scholars will sometimes get one or two out of the bunch that are a little more outgoing and will jump right into getting to know us but usually it’s a pretty awkward first session.

Howeverrrrrrrr, once the kids are comfortable with us it’s never ending conversations of inquisitive fun.

I’ve gotten asked,

  • “Do I have a swimming pool in my backyard?”
  • “Are the house parties like they are on t.v.?”
  • “What’s some of the American slang?” (I couldn’t even answer that question because I had no idea ha).
  • “What is Thanksgiving?”
  • “What is your Snapchat Score and Streak?”

Questions that I find to have no value, these kids are thrilled to know the answers too.

The best is when we all get talking about ways we say different words. Some of the kids find some much interest in our accents. I’ve heard that we have such soft accents and they enjoy listening to us talk to we sound out every letter in every word it’s funny to them. Some have asked why do we say things the way we do. For instance, one girl asked me, why do you guys say “mom?,” it’s “mum!” I said no way! (That was the best ha). There are plenty other questions and comments us scholars have received from the kids that I could go on and on about. These kids are so fun and you can see the genuine interest they have into getting to know us but little do they know us scholars have just as much interest in getting to know them and their culture.

The kids of Ireland make this journey away from home a lot more easier. They bring so much fun, enthusiasm, and interest to our days that I feel we all need. I’m glad I was given this opportunity because as much as I am trying to raise the aspirations of these kids, these kids are raising mine as well.

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