Posted By: NiaMoore
Posted On: September 29th, 2017
Attending: Ulster University


So I had the pleasure of helping out with FRESHERS WEEK at Coleraine Campus and it was an early start as the program was set to start at 10am and go onto 3pm. My job was simply to help get some sign ups and eager participants, to come enjoy some basketball at Coleraine Sports Centre. It was by far a fun and energetic fair going on.

I did indeed get the chance to go around and browse all the different kinds of stands that were setup, from advertising night-clubs, societies, and a wee bit of everything else in between. Some may argue that the best part of attending the Fresher’s fair is all the cool free stuff you can get and I would have to agree as well. However, I did get the chance to take home a bag of goodies that consisted of items such as; glass mug, candies, chocolates, highlighters, hats, wrist bands, bags, shot-glasses, balloon swords, lots of pens and pencils, water bottles, and a lot of flyers and pamphlets filled with information; that was just naming a few. But in my opinion I also enjoyed going around and learning about all the different clubs and societies as well. One that really stood out to me was SAMARITANS. Now they weren’t given out any free special gifts either, there message was to help those whom are going through personal issues and have no one to talk to, you call them, or you could even volunteer and be the one talking to those in need. I found there message extremely important and it hit home with me because I believe there are a lot of people out there in the world who don’t have anyone to per say vent to and need advice from!

Now some other stands, that seem to garner all the attention of the students were, paintball, nightclubs, gaming clubs, sports clubs, a dominos stand, and etc.. But anyway, I guess you can say myself, Brianna, and David whom were also working the stand did quite the job because we ended up getting 30 plus signups. A mixture of girls and boys so not one-sided either. It was probably our good looks as well as a couple tricks with the basketball that we threw in to show how fun playing basketball could be.

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