Hello Dublin, Táim Abhaile!

Posted By: MackenzieRule
Posted On: September 2nd, 2017
Attending: Trinity College Dublin


On Thursday morning, my roommate Shannon and I arrived in Dublin, and could not be more excited! We will both be attending and playing at Trinity College, where I will be receiving my masters in Financial Risk Management and Shannon will be receiving her masters in Business Management. I am amazed at how beautiful our campus is, and the picture above is enough to prove it! On our first day exploring, we got caught in the rain (of course we were not wearing anything water repellent), but we were completely content with it because we captured an awesome view.

So far school and basketball hasn’t started for Trinity, but we have had a couple practices with the Meteors, which is the club team Shannon and I will be playing for. The girls are SUPER friendly and generous. Teammates have been picking us up and taking us home, and some of the coaches and parents affiliated with the club have also taken us to lunch/dinners and offered rides to and from practice. On top of playing for the Meteors, Shannon and I also had our first practice today as coaches for a younger Meteor’s team, who seem to be a great group of girls as well.

In between the studying, playing, and coaching, we will soon be working with younger children in the area through clinics and camps for Sport Changes Life. My goal by the end of the year is to leave the community as an influential mentor to many, if not all, that I help coach and work with.

It’s safe to say I am obsessed with Dublin, and I’ve only been here for 3 days. I cannot wait until everything starts up, and I get the full experience!

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